Väätsa Basic School is located in Väätsa township in the Türi municipality in the Järva County of Central Estonia. The school building has 2 parts: the manor building which was built in the 1800s and was renovated in 2011, and the extension completed in 1977, which underwent a thorough renovation in 2016. During the renovation, all study rooms were modernised. The school complex includes a manor park, a stadium, and a sports hall with a gym. Our school is innovative, we value practical teaching and our teachers are creative. We are open to new challenges and consider individual approaches in teaching very important. We provide versatile extracurricular activities and value collaboration. It is important to us to provide a modern learning environment and options that support students’ competence development. Our school building is reconstructed as an energy-smart building and the monitored daily information is used for teaching.

We are always glad to share our knowledge and experiences, but also interested in learning from others. 

The strengths of our school are:

o innovative and creative teachers

o versatile hobbies and extracurricular activities

o friendly and collaborative school family

o good sports and activity possibilities

o modern learning environment

Within the friendly walls of Väätsa school, more than one hundred and fifty students acquire knowledge daily.


INNOVATION – We dare to take risks, experiment and make changes; we are curious, and our students and teachers are constantly learning.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP – We initiate, plan and implement our ideas; we are creative and think outside the box; everything we do has a clear connection to life and action.

INDIVIDUALITY – Each of us is valuable, we are supportive and tolerant, bringing out the personality of each learner, and developing their strengths and desire to learn.

HEALTH – We are mobile and value ourselves; we consider mental and physical health equally important.

ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLINESS – We respect a sustainable way of life and a clean environment; we are close to nature and smart energy consumers.

COLLABORATIVE SCHOOL CULTURE – We work together for goals; the school family and the community are involved in school development; we are open to new things and are happy to share experiences with each other, the community, guests and partners.



Väätsa Basic School is a community school with an inspiring atmosphere, where people enthusiastically acquire new knowledge and practical skills. We are known for innovation, consideration of individuality, use of technology and usage of a renewable energy.


At Väätsa Basic School, every school day is an exciting, challenging adventure in the world of knowledge, skills and values. We are leaders in the educational life and spiritual development of the community and a practice environment.